T&S has more than 1,600 employees, which means we are connected to more than 1700 families. We must continuously achieve excellent operation performance and supreme profit while simultaneously adhering to high ethical standards and shouldering social responsibilities. In the meantime, we shall strictly follow national regulations to help employees get their medical care and living welfare fully secured.


    We work safely or we do not work. We operate to the highest industrial standards of safety, health and environmental requirementsand keep safety as the top priority. We believe accident is the worst waste, while working safely is the most economical practice.

    We aim to make a real difference in the community through our positive and active engagement. We employ disabled and mental disabled residents to help them live independently, and offer proper jobs to the communities ever since the very beginning and wherever we operate. No matter where we are, we intend to be regarded as a good neighbor. T&S is committed to be a positive, friendly and welcomed presence in its community.


    We fully understand how important a healthy environment can be to society, economy, enterprise operations and our workers. We also understand what possible impact we’re facing when we response to environment challenges today incorrectly. T&S is a responsible manufacturer, we shall manage and make full use of resources we have in a sustainable way, so as to help build a better world.

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