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Data Center Optical Interconnection Technology and Application Seminar Successfully Concluded

2020-09-23 16:23:53

On September 10, the seminar on "Data Center Optical Interconnection Technology and Application" was successfully held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Leaders from government departments, China Unicom and T&S, as well as famous technical experts and guests from the industry, participated in the seminar.

Vice General Manager of Network Department, China Unicom Group   Mr. Cui Rongchun
T&S President Mr. Jimmy Chuang4.png
Vice President of China Unicom Research Institute  Mr. Chi Yongsheng (left); T&S General Manager Mr. Zhang Yiming (right)

The technical experts from China Unicom, YOFC, Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and China Comservice made in-depth reflections on the development of optical interconnection technology in the data center from their respective work perspectives, and delivered rich and detailed speeches on the evolution, trend and challenges of optical interconnection network and optical module technology, the future of optical connection technology and energy-saving technology of data center. The participants jointly described and showed a three-dimensional and dynamic picture of data center; experts from ICCSZ systematically analyzed the current situation and development opportunities of the data center from the perspective of market; the technical director of T&S introduced independently developed high-density, high reliability and low insertion loss optical flexplane connection technology, which help build a new generation of flat all-optical data center network and provides reliable technical and product support.

T&S Chief Technology Officer Dr. Xiao 

The seminar was sponsored by China Unicom Research Institute and undertaken by T&S Communications Co., Ltd. The seminar was held during the CIOE, a grand event of the optical communication industry. The conference was held for four hours and concluded under a beautiful rainbow outside the conference hall.

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