ID Reflector

U-Band Reflector can be used for Fttx fiber trouble-shooting monitoring. The combination of the OTDR and U-Band Reflector can detect and locate the fiber faults in minutes, protect investment of unused fibers, and reduce the cost of maintenance.

U-Band Reflector can be realized by two solutions: Fiber Bragg Grating based FBG Reflector and Thin Film based TFR. Both solutions are available in T&S, and FBG Reflector has been granted China patent and US patent. According to the standard ITU-T G.982, reflectance of any optical component between ONU and OLT should be better than -35dB, which makes FBG Reflector a perfect solution.

The U-band reflectors are provided with different encapsulation forms to fit different applications. Customized encapsulations are also available.

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